Consider Acoustics in the Design Phase

Design professionals' responsibilities include creating acoustically-friendly environments, but how can you do this effectively? You must consider acoustics in the design phase. Dedicating time and resources to acoustics in the design phase could make the difference between a space that looks good, but fails, and a space that looks good and functions as it was intended to.

Reduce costs: Correcting an acoustic issue after construction is always more expensive.

Don't sacrifice aesthetics: Correcting an acoustic issue after the design phase is not only costly but could compromise the design concept and aesthetic value of your project.

Limit your liability: More often architects/designers are being held accountable for acoustic issues not addressed in the design phase. Makes it Easy
There are no more excuses. Considering acoustics has never been easier with this online resource. The acoustic principles that affect you as an architect or interior designer are outlined in Acoustics 101; acoustic products and materials are just a click away; and our acoustical consultant database can help you locate a consultant in your area.

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