Codes & Testing :: Reverberation Time (RT60)

Test: RT60 measures the reverberance within a room.

Related Code: RT60 is soon to be adopted under ADA for classroom acoustic criteria.

General Information: Reverberation Time is the time required, in seconds, for the average sound pressure level in a room to decrease 60 decibels after a source stops generating sound. This test is standard on certain projects, such as "THX" movie theaters and various government buildings. Normally, in the design phase, you must demonstrate (through calculations) that a space will achieve the stipulated reverberation time. Often times, measurements are required to verify results.

Strength: Because RT60 is void of variables, unlike many other tests, it is straightforward and clear-cut.

Weakness: RT60 does not account for problematic and potentially annoying reflections. Often times, there is still a need for expert analysis.

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