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Who We Are:

Acoustics.com is an alliance of educators, experts and design professionals dedicated to promoting the importance of acoustics in the architecture, design, construction and building communities, as well as to the general public. We support and facilitate the integration of practical knowledge, smart design and innovative thinking and provide an essential online tool for acoustic related information and education.

Our efforts are born out of concern for public health and safety and the integrity of architecture, design, construction and related industries. Our mission is to:

  • Educate professionals on the importance of acoustics.
  • Simplify the process of searching, comparing and specifying acoustic products.
  • Provide reliable, accurate information to help professionals educate their clients.
  • Share case studies that demonstrate both successful and poor acoustic applications.
  • Inform users about the health and safety issues related to acoustics.
  • Supply professionals with tools to help them design acoustically sound projects or remedy acoustically poor projects.
  • Clarify applicable codes and provide information on testing procedures.
  • Offer continuing education credits and acoustic related tutorials.

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