Education :: AcoustiCare Scholarship Fund

The team is dedicated to promoting the importance of acoustics to architects, designers and all other professionals involved in the design and/or construction of all types of structures. In an effort to spark a grassroots interest in acoustics through the education process, we have established the Scholarship Program. The AcoustiCare Foundation encourages future designers, architects and construction management professionals to embrace acoustic concepts as part of their occupational culture. The goal is to ensure a constant source of responsible, knowledgeable professionals who account for the connections between:

  • Excessive noise and health and safety issues
  • Poor acoustics and client dissatisfaction
  • Clearly defined product specifications and desired results

We are still in the process of establishing the AcoustiCare Scholarship. To contribute to the AcoustiCare fund, please send an email to: [email protected].


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