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Testing Standards

Avoid the sea of confusing information on industry codes and testing standards. has compiled simplified, straightforward explanations, enabling you to ensure compliance and reduce your liability risks. Locate a specific code or test, find out what it means and/or who enforces it and learn about its strengths and weaknesses. Please check back often, as we are constantly updating this section.


Project Design :: Corridor

Project Design :: Corridor Goal: To prevent noise from traveling throughout the corridors and/or hallways. Related Codes & Standards Noise Criteria (NC) Tips/Considerations If surfaces

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Noise Criteria (NC)

Standards :: Noise Criteria (NC) Code: IIC rates a floor/ceiling assembly's ability to block impact sound. Enforcement: Appendix Chapter 35 of the ’88 and ’91 UBC,

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Office Desk & Chairs

Breakroom/Common Area

Standards :: Sample Article Goal: To absorb excessive noise from employees conversing, televisions, snack machines, etc… while ensuring noise within this space does not

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